The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

First Racking of Yakima Synergy and Starting Year-Old Kit


The SG on the Yakima Synergy is at 0.994, although it’s still bubbling away in there.  After racking, it’s not very pretty!  But, it’s early in the game, there’s still plenty of stirring ahead before it’s expected to clear.

In the meantime, Dave bought a cabernet sauvignon kit last year, at the same time that we started making wine from grapes.  I remembered he still has it sitting at the back of his closet, and offered to make it for him.  I checked everything out, and it seemed fine – it wasn’t quite at its expiration date yet, and the color and aromas were fine.  The starting SG was 1.075, exactly where it should be.  No problems!

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