The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Is That Supposed to Look Like That?

junk on zin

I was racking off my Cellar Craft 5-week Old Vines Zinfandel kit today and noticed this yucky-looking white residue at the top of the wine, sticking to the side of the carboy as it was racked off.  There was a lot of lees at the bottom, too.  I have an extra liter or so of that wine in a separate bottle, but that bottle also has a big layer of lees.  I guess I’ll have to wait to see if this residue is indicative of something bad, it smells OK today.  So, I added the sorbate, Kmeta, and stabilizing/fining agents, then topped off as much as I could with the surplus wine.  It wasn’t quite enough, I ended up adding about 200 mL of water to top it.  I did decide to keep about a liter of the lees from the bottom to see if it would settle out more, then I can add it when I rack for bottling.

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