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“Bahia Belle Blend” Tasting note

I’ve been somewhat unhappy with my 2008 Lambert Bridge Merlot lately, but the blend of merlot with cabernet sauvignon is officially ready to drink! It is finally perfectly balanced and integrated, with big, bold, brambly aromas of ripe blackberries and spice, and mouthwatering flavors of ripe red fruits with a hint of leather and eucalyptus. […]

Cellar Craft Rhone White and Winexpert Spanish Rose Bottling

I bottled both the Cellar Craft 2010 limited edition Marsanne-Viognier-Roussanne and the Winexpert Spanish Rose today, getting ready for summer sipping.  The MVR wasn’t quite clear, which I think might be due to my use of marbles for topping up my wines.  When wines with marbles are moved at all from their place of rest […]

‘Chateau du Pays’ Bottling

I bottled the Cellar Craft limited edition ‘Chateau du Pays‘ today.  I intended to bulk age this wine 6 to 8 months, but realized I was a carboy short for upcoming winemaking and didn’t have time to get another one fast enough. As usual, there was one partial bottle left at the end, which went […]

2008 “Belmont Park” Lambert Bridge Merlot Tasting Note

I’m mostly disappointed with this wine. But, perhaps there is some hope. After pouring through a Vinturi aerator, the flaws of this wine really mellowed out. Aromas like vanilla ice cream with edge of lemon. Still very sweet on the tongue, but not so sharp. Oak is becoming prominent. I might as well give it […]

“Sail Bay Sundown” 2-year Tasting Note

We finally opened the last bottle of our RJ Spagnols Limited Release Argentinian Trio white blend.  This wine was bottled about 2 years ago now, and it was a good thing we were drinking the last bottle.  We really loved this wine, in fact it won a silver medal and “Best of Class” at the […]

Pacifica White Post-Bottling Tasting Note

I just bottled the Winexpert 2010 Limited Edition “Pacifica White” blend this past Thursday. As usual, there was one partial bottle left, but I’m just now getting around to tasting it. This wine has amazing, mouthwatering aromas of peaches, apricots, and honeysuckle. The wine is clear, very pale yellow in color; huge, ripe, juicy flavors […]

Rosso Fortissimo Tasting Note

I just bottled the Cellar Craft “Rosso Fortissimo” yesterday, and as usual I have one bottle that isn’t quite full. Perfect for tasting right after bottling! I poured out a glass to taste first without aeration, and was surprised to find that the wine is very cloudy. It was racked off just prior to bottling […]

Tasting Fined Petite Sirah

It’s time to rack the Petite Sirah off of the egg white fining lees and see how it tastes! The wine is very clear, and there was not a lot of lees on the bottom. Tasting the fined wine side-by-side with the unfined wine, I definitely prefer fined wine. It did smooth out taste without […]

“Fiesta Island” Cabernet Sauvignon 1 1/2 Year Tasting

It seems to be time to catch up on wines I haven’t visited for a while. Tonight I opened our Lambert Bridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, which I bottled as 83% cab sauv and 17% of a Lambert Bridge Vineyard merlot that I fermented as a small batch. In lieu of decanting, I aerated with Vinturi […]

Barrel Tastings of Merlot and Petite Sirah

Josh and Dave came by to taste the progress of the 2009 merlot and petite sirah. Last time we tasted them, they seemed to really lack any oak flavor, so we thought we might need to add more cubes to the barrels. We tasted the merlot first, and it is surprisingly good — not overly […]