The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Racking and Clarification

Cabernet Merlot after clarification

The wine sits an additional 8 days for the clarifying agents to do their thing and bind to all of the junk floating around in the wine, mainly yeast carcasses at this point (yummy!).  They clump the junk together forming heavy particles that will fall to the bottom of the carboy faster then without the agents.  All that happens at this stage is to put the carboy up on the counter and rack into a fresh carboy, without shaking or stirring up the junk at the bottom and trying to avoid transferring most of the stuff at the bottom (called fine lees at this point) to the clean carboy.  If a little gets transferred, it’s not horrible because the wine will sit for another 2 weeks, giving any transferred stuff time to settle back to the bottom again.  Which means, more waiting!

At least while I’m waiting I have my second kit to start.  Chamblaise got dumped into the bucket today!

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