The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Early Tastings: Aussie Chard, Chamblaise, Cab-Merlot, Burgundy

A few notes on the latest wines.  It is a little early for most of them, but you don’t know how they’re developing without tasting!

Australian Chardonnay: A little soon after bottling to taste, but I couldn’t help myself.  Still too young, but nice. Buttery nose, lots of heavy oak in the attack and flavors fall a little short after that. Quite crisp. Lingering finish. Drinkable now, but will be very nice in a few months. Probably not giftable at this point.

Also popped a bottle of Chamblaise, from the first set.  A very nice drinking wine. Definitely changed a lot over time, a lot more vegetal especially in the nose. Very crisp and clean. Worth the work, this one gave me trouble both bottlings this year.

Cab merlot tasting: 6 month tasting (close enough). Very fruity nose, smells and tastes very young still. Flavors rounding out but still not quite balanced, but falling into place. Hopefully will mellow out in a few more months. Slightly sour. No soapiness, no fizz. Definitely improving with age.

Bourgeron Rouge: 6 week tasting! Still very young, but shaping up nicely. Sourness is tamed but still present. Tastes not unlike a Beaujolais Nouveau. Sour cherry in the nose with a little soapiness. Bright fruity flavors of cherry and plums, maybe a little overripe strawberry. A little spice.

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