The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Bottling Limited Edition Riesling

Flower Fields Riesling at bottling2

After the foam mess, I skipped the optional second racking of this wine, since I already lost so much volume in that debaucle.  As a result filtering was definitely necessary.  But, it all seems OK after everything that went wrong. Very nice at bottling, should need about 2-3 months to be more drinkable. Nose of apricots and pear. Hint of crispness, but also very mellow and round in the mouth, should even out with some bottle aging (minimum 3 months). Sweet with flavors of stone fruits with citrus blossoms and honeysuckle. Should be great for this summer, I doubt it will last to the end of the year!

Flower Fields Riesling at bottling3

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