The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Bottling with Enolmatic Bottling Pump

bottling with pumpI rationalized that I needed a bottling pump, since we would have SO much wine to bottle from the barrels, and also then I could bottle solo and not pester my hubby.  This is one of those investments that I really hope pays off, because I have high hopes for it.  I did a lot of research on before taking the plunge, and there was a lot of praise for the enolmatic there.  I did not get an inline filter, mostly because it was not available when I ordered the pump.

My first test for the pump is my second batch of Pacific Quartet.  It’s been sitting for a while, so luckily I won’t need to filter it.  I was focused on using the enolmatic for the first time, so I didn’t document it very well, but I bottled and corked the whole batch of wine in less than an hour!  I’m definitely happy with this investment.

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