The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

“One Little Drop”

I was given some samples of a new product called “One Little Drop,” touted to “improve wines.” We opened a bottle of my 2009 Merlot, which is a bit on the tannic side, so decided it was a good opportunity to test it out. Basically, you put one drop of the solution into your wine glass and give it a swirl with the swizzle sticks included. We had one glass untreated to compare with the treated sample, and were quite impressed with how the product smoothed out the flavors and softened the wine immediately. The only drawback was that vegetative flavors that were masked by the tannins were brought forward, but that is due to the inherent flaws of the wine, not added by the product.

I don’t know that this is a product I would ever take out to a tasting event of any sort, unless it involved home winemakers.  But, for homemade wines, it seems to help “fix” wines that aren’t quite up to potential.  I’ll post an update when we try this product out again.

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