The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Raisins are Messy

The Montagnac vieux Chateau d’Oc kit came with a funky little attachment to go over the end of the racking cane, apparently to keep the raisins from clogging it when racking.  It says:  “To successfully rack the kit and leave the sediment and grape skins behind, you will need to remove the cap off of the end of your siphn rod and replace it with the supplied mesh filter.”  Well, I tried to follow directions, and ended up breaking my autosiphon.  I had to run down to the local beer brewing shop and get another one.  And, of course, I got the wrong size and didn’t have the right tubing, so had to go BACK to the homebrew shop to get the correct one (NOT in the mood for returns).  I finally passed on the filter on the end, and had no problems racking anyway.  At least it’s done.

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