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Day 2 after inoculation of the primitivo.  I went to punch down this morning, and noticed that the can with BM45 (can B) was exceptionally foamy, whereas can A with ICV-D80 had no noticeable foam.  Can A was at 82 degrees F, and can B was at 85 degrees F. I checked out Lallemand’s wine […]

Feeding the Yeasts

There are signs of fermentation – little bubbles forming at the top, the cap already forming, and the aromas of fermentation in the air.  Both cans were at about 75 degrees F.  I added 18 grams fermaid-K and 12 grams opti-red to each can, and gave them a good stir.

Starting Fermentation on Primitivo

Time to check out the primitivo must.  Brix are at about 26-26.5;  pH is up at 4, and TA is ~9.5-10 g/L.  Not perfect;  I decided to add a half gallon of water with 14 grams of dissolved tartaric acid to each can, and also added pectinase.  When I retested, the brix were at about […]

Picking up Jacks at Primitivo Crush

My friend Ray emailed me on Tuesday that the Zin at BellaGrace Vineyards slowed down in ripening, and would not be ready for harvest until next week.  This would not normally had been a problem, but Ray was going to South Bend to cheer on the Irish against Michigan State.  The grower told him that […]