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Problems with Petite Sirah

I checked in with the guys yesterday, the petite sirah was due to be pitched.  In fact, it looked like it was already bubbling away, like what happened with the merlot this year.  But, it looked great — Paul added vinozyme, and the juice was a lovely inky dark purple color. Then I got a […]

Cool Masher

Since the batch is a bit bigger this year, I investigated getting a better punching tool.  The “professional” punching tools start at $80, which seems a bit much.  I like my little plastic potato mashers, but they just don’t reach to the bottom of the cans.  So, I dug around online for an industrial sized […]

Getting Punchy

Definitely getting a distinct cap on both sets today.  I have a little lab set next to the trash cans with sanitizer in a spray bottle, the wine thief and hydrometer for monitoring the brix, a floating thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature, the big spoon for stirring, and of course a plastic […]