The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Oi That’s a LOT of Wine!

lots o bottlesMy goal was to fill all of these bottles today.  It turned out I filled over half, but decided to wait to fill the rest next weekend.  Why do today what you can do a week from now, eh?

I did at least put together all of the blends.  ‘Fiesta Islad Cab’ will be mainly cabernet sauvignon blended with “merlot A” in a 5:1 ratio, which I mixed together in my medium primary fermentor (i.e., small trash can):


I also made up ‘Miramar Merlot’ with a 3:1 blend of “merlot A” with cab sauv, then a 50/50 blend of cab and the barrel batch merlot (‘Bahia Belle’ Bordeaux Blend) for 6 gallons total.  I decided to leave “merlot B” as a 100% varietal.


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