The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

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Making the Labels

While I was waiting for the wine to do what it needed to do, I realized I needed to make some labels.  I figured I would be making more wine in the future, and so I wanted to have a cellar name and a theme for my wines.  I initially considered an animal mascot theme, […]

Gee, the Shower Smells Terrific

The yeast took off, and after 2 days the shower smelled like wine!  It’s cool and creepy all at once.  The instructions said to wait 5-7 days to check the specific gravity, so I checked it the next weekend after starting it out of convenience.  The SG was just right, so I put the bucket […]

First Wine Kit: Cabernet-Merlot

It is difficult to decide where to start, because I like all varietals of wine.  I prefer red wine, so I decided I should definitely get a red wine kit.  I was getting a starter pack that included all of the equipment to make wine as well as a wine kit, and there were limited […]