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Visit to Milagro Farm

Our May SDAWS meeting was held at Milagro Farm today.  Jim Hart hosted us and gave us a tour of the vineyards and told us about his recent wine releases.  He is winemaker for Milagro Farm Vineyard & Winery and also at Hart Winery in Temecula.  Milagro Farm Vineyard & Winery is in the Ramona […]

Bottling Sauv Blanc

Time to bottle the sauvignon blanc that had the battonage treatment.  That added another 6 weeks of waiting to the kit, I’m very curious how this wine will compare to the “untreated” kit.  I will let these bottles wait for about 3 months before doing a side-by-side, to give it as much of a fair […]

Battonage on Sauv Blanc Kit

I’ve been wanting to try some battonage on a wine kit for a while, since I first read about the technique.  Battonage basically involves leaving the wine on the fine lees for an extended period of time, and stirring the lees up every few days to extract additional amino acids and mannoproteins from the yeast.  […]

Bottling Sauvignon Blanc and Italian Brunello

To keep the cellar fully stocked, we *really* some sauvignon blanc.  This kit was touted as a quick-drinker, and I’ve been really happy with the lower-end white kits.  I bulk aged this wine an extra month (out of laziness and lack of time to bottle). I did have to filter this one, the low-end whites […]