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2011 Syrah Harvest at Live Oak Vineyard

Time for another syrah harvest at Live Oak Vineyard in Fallbrook!  I was the first to arrive, just as the sun broke over the mountains to the East.  The weather this year was perfect so far.  I did smell a nearby wildfire as I drove up to the vineyard, but nothing threatening to interfere with […]

Preharvest Live Oak Vineyard Visit

Today I took a group of people in my Hands-on Winemaking class at Curds and Wine up to Fallbrook for a preharvest Vineyard Visit. We picked a perfect day (read as sarcasm), as a heat wave recently hit and it was sweltering. But, it’s always a lovely, if not hot, day at the vineyard. Mike […]

Syrah Update from Live Oak Vineyard

Got an email from Mike Hoffman yesterday.  He took several random samples from his upper vineyard “Cima Sur” and the lower vineyard “Este”.  As usual, the upper vineyard has a slightly higher brix reading average of 19 brix, and the lower vineyard is currently at average 17.6 brix.  We are shooting for around 23-24 brix […]

Bottling 2009 Fallbrook Syrah

The bottling binge continues!  I finally bottled the 2009 Fallbrook Syrah, our first harvest from Live Oak Vineyard.  We unfortunately came in short due to a heat wave just before harvest, so we have a total of 11 gallons of wine to split between the three of us.  We will each get 18 bottles, which […]

Finally Bottling Primitivo

I have a few wines that are due for bottling, but I was waiting until I opened my shop because I needed corks, and it seemed to make sense that I should buy them from myself.  So today I’m finally bottling my Amador county primitivo.  I’ll bottle most of it as 100% varietal, but I’m […]

Pressing the 2010 Syrah

Our 2010 Syrah from Live Oak Vineyard in Fallbrook fermented fast, and the brix were below 5 by the next week.  We decided to go ahead and press out the wine before it was completely dry so that we could do it on a weekend day. We took a quick brix test and an obligatory […]

Syrah Harvest 2010 at Live Oak Vineyard

We got up at 5 AM today to drive up to Fallbrook to harvest syrah at Live Oak Vineyard.  The weather has actually been very nice, it was a nice brisk morning drive up.  We had several friends meeting us there to help out with harvest. We did not have any major heat waves like […]

“Barrel” Tasting

My in-laws are visiting from Germany, and that seemed like a good reason to check the progress of all of the vintage 2009 wines in the shower.  I pulled 100 mL samples from various carboys for a taste. We started with the Fallbrook syrah. This wine already has great aromas with big fruit and good […]

Harvest Not So Late After All

Just got an update from Live Oak Vineyard on the syrah progress, it’s up to 22 brix already. Harvest should be in about a week, which is actually the same time as last year.  So, even though the weather this year has been very strange and is definitely affecting harvest around California, looks like we’re […]

Cold Summer Means Later Harvest for 2010

This “summer” has been unusually cold.  Record-setting coolest high temperatures cold.  Temperatures were below 70 degrees F on the coast, and mid-70’s inland throughout July.  This weird weather is delaying ripening of the grapes, so harvest will be a little later this year, barring another heat wave like last year. Mike Hoffman just sent me […]