The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

You Want Me to Do WHAT????

wine in the sunI finally joined San Diego Amateur Wine Society (SDAWS) and went to an actual meeting.  It was very interesting, I met a lot of home winemakers and several people also have small home vineyards (yep, totally jealous).  I decided to ask around for advice about my merlot-no-go MLF problem.  Everyone steered me to the same person, Pete Anderson.  I was a little intimidated by everyone gathering around while I pitched my problem to Pete, but I figured if anyone else had any idea, I’d take it.  Pete told me to put my carboys out in the sun.  Huh?  He said that would help them warm up, and the bacteria might just be too cold to do their thing.  I did speak up and say I didn’t feel good about putting them in direct sunlight, so someone else suggested putting them in the garage.  That would work, it’s definitely warm.

When I went to actually move them, though, I realized there are steps going down into the garage, whereas the sun was on the same level.  I rationalized that dropping my glass carboy would definitely be the worst outcome, so out onto the deck they went.  I will move them outside during the day while it’s sunny, and bring them in at night so they don’t cool off too much.  I don’t currently have a job, so it’s no problem, and gives me something useful to do, right?