The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 02 2008


The cab-merlot was the only wine I made without the drill-driven mix-stir.ย  My first Spagnols kit (limited release Riesling) said to degas longer than the Winexpert kits said, which made me do some research on degassing wine kits.ย  After tasting several wines now, and retasting my cab-merlot, I am starting to understand the importance of […]

Bourg Rouge 3.5 Month Tasting

Still a little weird soapy odor on the nose, with underlying plum. Slightly fizzy and still a little sour. Not bad, but not great. Still very young, though.

Foaming Riesling!

This is the first Spagnols kit I’ve done, and the instructions are a little different from Winexpert. They said to stabilize and clear at the first racking; but mine was still fermenting. It foamed up and over the top very quickly! Of course, the one time I have the wine out in the kitchen and […]

Bottling Montegnac Vieux Chateau d’Oc

It looks pretty, but way too young to even attempt a rating. Very dark inky purple. Light fruity nose with that funny soapy/basic smell and taste that the Cab/merlot had when young. Heavy tannins, very rich flavors of dark fruit and hints of spice and leather lurking in the background. Definitely tastes young, and this […]