The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 12 2008

Bottling with Enolmatic Bottling Pump

I rationalized that I needed a bottling pump, since we would have SO much wine to bottle from the barrels, and also then I could bottle solo and not pester my hubby.  This is one of those investments that I really hope pays off, because I have high hopes for it.  I did a lot […]

Splash Racking the Merlots

The merlot has been on my mind.  I’m bothered that the MLF didn’t finish, although the MLF in the barrel batch did not complete either.  But, since the Cab MLF went great, I feel like there should be something proactive I can and should do to try to make it work.  I’m worried that it […]

Carmenere/Cab Sauv 8 Month Tasting

Did not decant, probably would benefit from decanting at this stage. Not foamy, seem to finally have that under control. Big nose of red ripe fruits with sour edge. Very clear, dark garnet in color. Slightly fizzy on the tongue, with very tart flavors of sour cherry and pomegranite. Mainly fruity, very light spice, medium […]

Cab Sauv MLF Almost Complete

Just checked the malic acid levels in the cab, and it’s at the bottom end of the strip test, reading ~50 mg/L.  So, we know the strip tests work, the MLF in the merlot just didn’t.