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Yakima Synergy and Alsatian Riesling Bottling

The Yakima Synergy is clear enough that I’m not going to filter it for bottling.  It came out great!  I did leave about 700 mL at the bottom of the carboy that had some sediment and poured it off into a separate bottle to clear a little more.  Tasting notes: Very faint nose of apricots […]

Bottling Argentinian Trio

I used a 5 micron inline filter to bottle the Argentinian Trio today, and I noticed that the last 2 bottles had paper floating in them!  Total bummer.  I’m not sure if I didn’t set something up right, or what.  Oh well, I’ll mark the corks on these and keep them for home consumption.  The […]

Muller-Thurgau Bottling

Time to bottle!  I racked about half of carboy, then filtered the rest with my gravity filter and combined the wine before bottling – I was too impatient to wait for it to clear over an extended bulk aging. I really need to get an inline filter for the enolmatic, the gravity filter added an […]

Bottling Sauvignon Blanc and Italian Brunello

To keep the cellar fully stocked, we *really* some sauvignon blanc.  This kit was touted as a quick-drinker, and I’ve been really happy with the lower-end white kits.  I bulk aged this wine an extra month (out of laziness and lack of time to bottle). I did have to filter this one, the low-end whites […]

Bottling Limited Edition Riesling

After the foam mess, I skipped the optional second racking of this wine, since I already lost so much volume in that debaucle.  As a result filtering was definitely necessary.  But, it all seems OK after everything that went wrong. Very nice at bottling, should need about 2-3 months to be more drinkable. Nose of […]

Bottling Aussie Chard

I actually got 30 full bottles plus 2 glasses to taste. Had to filter, did not completely clear, although pretty clear, could have bottled. Already pretty well developed. Fruity nose of apples and pears with hint of vanilla. Greenish-gold (and clear) in color. Round flavors of apple with citrus flower and some vanilla, a little […]

Filtering Wine Continued

The vinbrite gravity filtering unit is a little intimidating.  It’s easy to put together, then I ran some water through the siphon plus filter unit, then set it up to filter the wine.  It doesn’t sit in the top of the carboy very stably, so I did hold on to it for most of the […]

Filtering Wine

After some research about wine NOT clearing like it’s supposed to, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to filter this wine.  I put in my order for a VinBrite gravity filter.  Hopefully it will do the trick.