The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 11 2008

Racking Cab to the Barrel

We racked the cab out of the lovely grey trash cans into an even lovelier new American oak barrel with medium toast.  Dave and I ended up with a full 30 gallon barrel plus a 6 gallon carboy and another 2 gallon bottle full of fine lees.  I checked the malic acid, and it’s down […]

Merlot Analysis

Paul sent in a sample of his merlot to Vinquiry for a full panel analysis.  The merlot Dave, Josh, and I made should be similar, although our MLF definitely did not complete like Paul’s did.  Here’s his analysis results: Alcohol: 16.4% pH: 3.56 TA: .765 Free SO2 : 0 (He hadn’t added any yet) Total […]

Yay, MLF!

I stopped over to check the MLF progression on the cab, and it looks like it’s working this time!  Malic acid levels have dropped below 300 mg/L (not at max at least!), and lactic acid is reading positive at 80 mg/L.

One Year-ish Tasting of Bourg Rouge

This wine is just fizzy, definitely a freshman mistake on my part. Anticipating fizz, I vacuum pumped the wine before pouring into glasses (no decanting), which might have helped the wine. We will just have to drink another bottle to find out. The wine was definitely better, very well integrated and no soapiness. This wine […]

Pressing Cabernet Sauvignon

Paul borrowed the bladder press again, and I happily took a day off of work to, well, work on the wine.  Definitely more fun work anyway!  We got it all pressed out and added the Malostart, and tomorrow the guys will add VP41 malolactic bacteria.  Let’s hope it works this time.

I Don’t Think MLF Is Working … At Least the Cab is Working

Week 3 of malolactic fermentation, and malic acid levels are not going down.  I’m a bit nervous about not sulfiting the wines at this point, and it is possible that MLF might not complete in these wines anyway.  I poked around the internet and decided it was not worth risking, so I added ¼ tsp […]