The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 05 2009

Bottling Argentinian Trio

I used a 5 micron inline filter to bottle the Argentinian Trio today, and I noticed that the last 2 bottles had paper floating in them!  Total bummer.  I’m not sure if I didn’t set something up right, or what.  Oh well, I’ll mark the corks on these and keep them for home consumption.  The […]

Guest Room Winery is Out of Control

With all of the carboys from the barrel wine plus the kit wines I have bulk aging, the wine has now overflowed out of the shower and into the guest room.  Reservations are now required!  The shower is also quite busy. We busted out a little sample of the merlot from the carboy, expecting it […]

Response from Winexpert about Brown Stuff

I tossed the juice bag from the Riesling, but then thought I should go ahead and send an email to Winexpert to see if the precipitate is a bad sign, or no big deal.  I have to say, I’ve been very happy with their customer service – they answered me the next day!  Linda from […]

Racing Cab Sauv Kit and Starting Riesling Reserve Kit

It was time to rack off the cabernet sauvignon kit into a carboy.  I noticed a distinct aroma of bananas, just like we smelled when the cabernet sauvignon grapes were fermenting.  The color is great, this is going to be a pretty decent wine for the money. Next I set up to start the Alsatian […]

Barrel Wines Bottling Day!

We’ve been trying to get organized to bottle this wine for a while now, and we finally set a day and got it done.  I brought my portion of the wine home in carboys and a few miscellaneous bottles.  Dave and Josh wanted theirs bottled, so that’s what we did.  Dave did a few blending […]