The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 12 2007

Raisins are Messy

The Montagnac vieux Chateau d’Oc kit came with a funky little attachment to go over the end of the racking cane, apparently to keep the raisins from clogging it when racking.  It says:  “To successfully rack the kit and leave the sediment and grape skins behind, you will need to remove the cap off of […]

Slow Start on the d’Oc

Time to check the Montagnac vieux Chateau d’Oc to rack to secondary.  Bummer, the SG is 1.025, and should be 1.010 or less.  OK, wait another week …..

Early Tastings: Aussie Chard, Chamblaise, Cab-Merlot, Burgundy

A few notes on the latest wines.  It is a little early for most of them, but you don’t know how they’re developing without tasting! Australian Chardonnay: A little soon after bottling to taste, but I couldn’t help myself.  Still too young, but nice. Buttery nose, lots of heavy oak in the attack and flavors […]

Steppin’ It Up to a Premium Kit

After learning more about the different levels of kits and being so impressed with the pinot gris kit so far, I plunged and got one of the super-premium kits with grape skins.  I got Winexpert’s Montagnac Vieux Chateau d’Oc, which is a big, confusing code name for a Mourvedre-based rhone blend.  It is described as […]