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Yakima Synergy and Alsatian Riesling Bottling

The Yakima Synergy is clear enough that I’m not going to filter it for bottling.  It came out great!  I did leave about 700 mL at the bottom of the carboy that had some sediment and poured it off into a separate bottle to clear a little more.  Tasting notes: Very faint nose of apricots […]

Response from Winexpert about Brown Stuff

I tossed the juice bag from the Riesling, but then thought I should go ahead and send an email to Winexpert to see if the precipitate is a bad sign, or no big deal.  I have to say, I’ve been very happy with their customer service – they answered me the next day!  Linda from […]

Racing Cab Sauv Kit and Starting Riesling Reserve Kit

It was time to rack off the cabernet sauvignon kit into a carboy.  I noticed a distinct aroma of bananas, just like we smelled when the cabernet sauvignon grapes were fermenting.  The color is great, this is going to be a pretty decent wine for the money. Next I set up to start the Alsatian […]

Riesling 7 Month Tasting

After a long day of pressing, I wanted to bust into some “ready-to-go” wine.  Riesling looked like a great option after a long, warm day.  It has a very faint nose of peach blossoms. Distinctly sweet with nice acidity and flavors of ripe white peaches and hints of pineapple and apricots. Flavors balancing perfectly on […]

Riesling Tasting

Light floral nose. Very clear, pale golden yellow in color. Crisp, slightly sweet flavors of apple and white peach. Tastes GREAT! Yum!

Bottling Limited Edition Riesling

After the foam mess, I skipped the optional second racking of this wine, since I already lost so much volume in that debaucle.  As a result filtering was definitely necessary.  But, it all seems OK after everything that went wrong. Very nice at bottling, should need about 2-3 months to be more drinkable. Nose of […]

Foaming Riesling!

This is the first Spagnols kit I’ve done, and the instructions are a little different from Winexpert. They said to stabilize and clear at the first racking; but mine was still fermenting. It foamed up and over the top very quickly! Of course, the one time I have the wine out in the kitchen and […]

Time for Limited Editions!

I have discovered that the wine kit companies make special limited edition wines every year that are supposed to be “exceptional quality.”  I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality so far, so these should be really exciting!  Here’s what I got: Pacific Quartet:  A blend of very cool whites from the Pacific, including Vidal from […]