The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 11 2007

Bottling Aussie Chard

I actually got 30 full bottles plus 2 glasses to taste. Had to filter, did not completely clear, although pretty clear, could have bottled. Already pretty well developed. Fruity nose of apples and pears with hint of vanilla. Greenish-gold (and clear) in color. Round flavors of apple with citrus flower and some vanilla, a little […]

Second Racking Australian Chardonnay

The chardonnay is clearing nicely.ย  This kit gets racked once before bottling time, to give it an extra polish.ย  I hope it settles out as well as the Pinot Gris did.

Pinot Gris 3 Month Tasting

This bottle might be corked, or else the flavors are changing drastically as this wine ages. Much more herbal in flavor than the day of bottling.ย  This one might test my patience, but Iโ€™m convinced that age will help this wine mature eventually.

Bottling Bourgeron Rouge and the Role of O2

In making this wine, I became obsessed with keeping oxygen out of the wine.ย  Watching my hubby make beer, he would often purge the carboys with CO2 or nitrogen gas before racking into them to reduce oxygen exposure;ย  I rationalized that this should also be good practice for winemaking.ย  However, after I started incorporating this […]