The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Monthly archive: 05 2010

Visit to Milagro Farm

Our May SDAWS meeting was held at Milagro Farm today.ย  Jim Hart hosted us and gave us a tour of the vineyards and told us about his recent wine releases.ย  He is winemaker for Milagro Farm Vineyard & Winery and also at Hart Winery in Temecula.ย  Milagro Farm Vineyard & Winery is in the Ramona […]

Last Bottle of Bourgeron Rouge

Tonight we’re drinking our last bottle of 2007 “Del Mar Racetrack” Bourgeron Rouge.ย  We did a taste comparison with 2007 BV Vin Pays d’Oc Pinot Noir.ย  Our “Racetrack” had much more fruit character, much more depth of flavor.ย  The BV almost tasted like plastic when tasted head to head. All in all, we are very […]