The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Tasting Fined Petite Sirah

It’s time to rack the Petite Sirah off of the egg white fining lees and see how it tastes! The wine is very clear, and there was not a lot of lees on the bottom. Tasting the fined wine side-by-side with the unfined wine, I definitely prefer fined wine. It did smooth out taste without changing it. Tasting notes for the fined wine:ย  Nose of bright red fruits with light spice and dust.ย  Wine is very clear, dark ruby-garnet.ย  Smooth flavors of bright red cherry and boysenberry with light cedar in medium finish.ย  Good oak in this wine now. The unfined wine has similar aromas and flavors, just a little more gripping on the tongue, more woodsey than unfined wine. I think I will definitely want to fine my portion of this wine before bottling, so I’ll just need to check with Dave if we want to fine the whole batch.