The rewards and frustrations of home winemaking

Oak Trials: Into the Bottle

It is finally time to bottle the oak trials today!ย  I am also bottling the 2009 Petite Sirah that I did egg white fining on, so I can compare it to the unfined wine side-by-side.ย  The chardonnays all cleared out really nicely, which is great so I can bottle directly from the individual jugs — otherwise I’m going to spend an extra hour just racking everything off.

Thanks to the great bottling pump I have, I bottled 53 bottles of 2009 “Cabrillo Bridge” Petite Sirah and 60 bottles of Chardonnay oak trials in just 3 hours.ย  Too bad the bottling pump doesn’t also clean up everything …

I tasted a little of the unoaked Chardonnay to see what it’s like, I haven’t had this particular Winexpert Chardonnay kit yet.ย  I really, really liked it, it has lots of apple and a nice fresh, round mouthfeel.ย  I’m looking forward to tasting my own oak trials side-by-side!ย  Thanks for the inspiration, Tim Vandergrift!!!