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Syrah MLF (mostly) Done

Malic acid quick test results, batch #2 on the left and batch #1 on the right


It’s almost 6 weeks after initiating malolactic fermentation on our 2011 Fallbrook Syrah. I tested malic acid levels today with the Accuvin quick tests. Batch #1 (fermented with ICV-D80) is the one batch that didn’t seem to be progressing at all, but today it seems to be below the max value on the scale. When the readings are in the middle it’s sometimes difficult to tell exactly what the value is, but I think it’s around 110-150 mg/L. The remaining 3 batches are definitely done, no malic acid detectable! I’ll give batch #1 two more weeks of stirring then test again, it should be close enough to done to add sulfite. The rest are getting their sulfite today, and the group will decide what oaks, if any, to put in each batch. I’ve been very happy with 100% medium toast French oak, but trying something different is always fun.